Creating New Folders For PowerRetrieve And Linking Them To The Fileroom And Capture Queue

In this How To Guide I want to go through creating new folders so you can scan back to PowerRetrieve then be able to search for them once they have been OCR’ed and Indexed in to your fileroom.

The steps are as follows:

First create folder(s) in your PRResources\Capture Import folder for your fileroom. This is the folder created to scan back to when the system was first installed and will have sub folders matching the folders and cabinets within your fileroom and can be usually found on the C drive of the PR server.

Create Folder In PR-Resources

Once this has been created you can then move on to the next step.

Next Create a folder in Fileroom Admin, this is where the scans or files will end up once indexed allowing users to search and find them. You will need to click on to the filing cabinet where you want the folder to reside then click on the add folder icon on the toolbar in Fileroom Admin.

Add Folder In Fileroom Admin


Folder in FileRoom Admin

Once you have created the folder you will need to click the wizard to add users who can see that folder and to tell the system that it needs to index new files when they are stored in to the system.

Click Wizard In FileRoom Admin

Just follow the prompts and choose which users you want to be able to see that folder in Search, I would recommend adding the SuperUser or Admin account in case you need to be able to delete any files.

Add Users To New Folder

You may be asked to add label fields as you go through the wizard, these are useful if you are adding content that may not searched easily by the content e.g. handwritten notes. You can add content that can be searched on within the label fields.

Add Details to Label Field

Finishing Up In FileRoom Admin

When you get to the end just click Finish.

Next open up Capture Admin and link the folder(s) created in the first step to the folder(s) in Fileroom Admin. This will enable PowerRetrieve to watch for any new files that have been scanned then add them to the Fileroom so you can search for them.

You will need to right click on the correct Fileroom and select edit to open the wizard.

Edit In Import Definitions - Capture Admin

Follow the prompts, then check to make sure the new folder has been found.

New Folder Discovered In Capture Admin

Click next then you will be able to either use auto link or manual link depending on whether the folder created in the first step has the exact same name as the folder created in Fileroom Admin.

Auto Link In Capture Admin

Once you have created the link click next until you have finished. You have now finished and can test by scanning something in to you new folder and make sure it is indexing.

If you need any more help then call Elmdale Maintenance on 0118 982 1444