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Never misplace a document again!
PowerRetrieve is the ultimate solution for the management of your information. It's proven to help you reduce the paper around your office. It then allows you to find the files easily and quickly.

Since 2006, Elmdale Maintenance Ltd has been supplying & installing PowerRetrieve at our customers sites. As with all the products we supply, the process is handled from start to finish by our own team of fully certified professionals. This gives our customers total peace of mind as they only have one single point of contact.

PowerRetrieve will maximise the value of your information, with Point and Click technology. Point the PowerRetrieve Index at your file directories - click, and in seconds the entire content of your documents will be indexed.

PowerRetrieve will search through your documents in seconds, retrieving vital information from deep within the contents - overcoming inaccurate search queries or OCR errors.
PowerRetrieve Introduction
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Features Benefits
Total LOW COST Information Management System
Simple to use, out-of-the-box Solution
Automatic Indexing of Document Contents
OCR Error Tolerant
Exact, Pattern and Concept search
Print, Fax or email retrieved documents
Rapid return on investment
Significant time saving; Higher productivity
Reduce your paper filing
Reduce storage space required
Total disaster recovery