Printing On to non standard Envelope Sizes on an Olivetti MF3300

Please see below instructions for printing on to C5 envelopes from Word to the Olivetti MF3300

First set up the machines as per below (this is assuming you are using the same style envelopes as us)

Insert Envelope in to bypass, push down on plate first otherwise the machine won’t recognise the paper in the tray.

From the copy screen select Paper then the bypass (little hand) then Change Tray Settings

Select Envelope from the paper type menu then select Custom Size

Input the exact size of the envelope including any overhang for the flap if there is one in the X & Y coordinates

Press OK until back out to the main copy screen

MF3300 Copy Screen after paper size settings

Next in Word select Mailings then Envelopes

Type Address and then open Options…

Set Envelope size to Custom size then input the same dimensions as at the copier but in cm rather than mm

Then Adjust the location of the Delivery Address with the From left & From top fields otherwise it will be printed at the bottom of the envelope

Then go to the Printing options tab and set the options as per the image below

Click OK then click print on the next screen

This should then print – Please note you do not need to put any settings in the print driver before you do this. Leave it on its current settings or this will not work.

If you need any more info or support the call 0118 982 1444 and speak to someone in our service team